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We’re launching our RRP Non-Certified Worker (NCW) web/app solution next month. The app offers a framework for keeping contractors compliant with EPA/RRP training of Non-Certified Workers (NCW) on project sites.

Training your work force is an area of responsibility contractors often overlook. The EPA requires existing crews or new hires be trained to work safely within RRP identified project areas. This training must be done by a Certified Renovator (CR) at each project site.

Our eight training modules and quizzes cover RRP work rule topics. The EPA requires RRP students receive a grade of 80% or higher on quiz training test scores. RRP training records of (NCW) must be posted and updated on each project by property owners, prime contractors and subcontractors. Records must be kept for available for investigators for a period of three years.

The NoLeadFines NCW mobile app has other interesting tools. The app contains two hours of training videos, an exhaustive Q&A resource to answer unique field conditions, NCW training assignments, recording of RRP work area assignment, safety materials and safety equipment records. Each list with default entries which can be edited or added to.

Field data from either Android or iOS devices populate three reports in your Admin portal. The reports substantiate company compliance. Reports detail NCW training, CR approvals, passed quiz accomplishments and required postings for NCW for each project site. Reports can be downloaded as PDF’s for local storage or printed. All saved records are kept in cloud servers and available 24/7 for a period of 3 years or longer.

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